Closeup Magic Tricks
Magic tricks that can be done close up- right in front of their eyes!
These tricks are performed in your hand- or even in the spectator's hand.

Closeup Magic

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Learn incredible tricks with regular rubber bands!
Learn how to make things levitate or move by themselves!
Perform impressive mindreading feats in minutes!
Perform astounding professional mindreading feats and routines!
Perform incredible professional mindreading feats, including spoon bending, book tests, more!
Perform stunning mindreading tricks with no skill necessary!
Perform incredible and easy tricks with ordinary money!
Bend spoons, cause forks to melt into two pieces, twist metal- with the power of your mind!
BONUS: Comes with's own secret instruction video with extra routines
Make an ordinary paperclip move by itself
Be ready to do incredible magic ANYTIME with ordinary objects!
Learn to perform jawdropping magic tricks with ordinary objects and playing cards!
BONUS: Comes with FREE Svengali Deck!
Become a legend- perform super impressive card flourishes- from beginner to master!
Learn to SLEEVE and LAP like world famous expert magicians!
Perform incredible magic anytime, anywhere with no special props!
Learn the simple secret methods of professional mindreading!
Perform mindreading miracles and conduct your own ESP tests!
Turn a real dollar bill into different currencies, then back again!
Make the dots and logo appear, vanish, move and change!
Make silks and other small objects appear or disappear in your hand!
Pass a blade right through a spectator's finger!
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