Closeup Magic Tricks
Magic tricks that can be done close up- right in front of their eyes!
These tricks are performed in your hand- or even in the spectator's hand.

Closeup Magic

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Open and close the drawer to make items vanish and appear!
BONUS: Comes with Monticup's exclusive instruction video
Cause your SPECTATOR to correctly name the combination of ANY four numbers!
Make a red feather flower wilt or pop up at your command!
Only YOU can control whether the ball drops or stays!
Learn more tricks using your Thumb Tip gimmick!
$13.99 $8.99
Learn to make your hand quicker than the eye!
Perform dozens of amazing feats of magic with ordinary rope!
Learn some easy and amazing tricks you can do with the Cups and Balls Set!
BONUS: Video instruction for Monticup's own routine!
Perform amazing tricks with ordinary money!
Learn some easy and amazing tricks you can do with ordinary objects!
Learn the secrets to these astounding bar bets- fool your friends!
Bend metal- spoons, forks, keys and more- as if with the power of your mind!
Change a $1 bill into a $100 bill, and more!
Produce your spectator's chosen card on the OTHER SIDE of any glass window!
Learn 21 easy and amazing tricks you can do anytime with coins, cards, rubber bands!
Learn all the professional secret methods and moves for the Cups and Balls trick!
Perform astounding but easy sleight of hand with ordinary objects!
Learn the best tricks and routines using sponge balls!
Learn the secret undetectable card sleights used by pro gambling cheats!
Learn to perform magic tricks with ordinary objects- includes Svengali Deck!
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