Closeup Magic Tricks
Magic tricks that can be done close up- right in front of their eyes!
These tricks are performed in your hand- or even in the spectator's hand.

Closeup Magic

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Vanish all the salt that is inside a large shaker- pour it into your hand and it's gone!
Special dice that make it impossible for you to lose!
BONUS: Get Monticup's tips video FREE!
Make a borrowed coin or ring appear inside a sealed brass box!
BONUS: Includes Monticup's how-to video!
Make three blocks change places inside a narrow tube!
Make little balls vanish, reappear and multiply!
BONUS: Comes with exclusive FREE tips video!
Traffic signal colors change on a paddle!
Make a silk or ball instantly appear from a tiny empty box!
Put a dollar or a prize inside the box- it can't be removed without knowing the secret!
Get FIVE great tricks in one kit, and learn to do incredible paddle-changing magic!
Visibly cut a card into THREE pieces- and instantly restore it!
Visibly cut a pencil into THREE pieces- and instantly restore it!
Split your raccoon puppet into three parts- then make him whole again!
Visibly cut a rope into two pieces- and instantly restore it!
A carrying case for a banana???
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