Magic tricks with cards, including tricks with gimmicked cards and decks as well as with ordinary playing cards

Card Tricks

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Your spectator makes an IMPOSSIBLE match!
BONUS: Get an exclusive instruction video- see how it's done!
Everything you need to become an expert card magician! NEW ASSORTMENT!
Vanish a color from one card and make it reappear on another card!
Turn ANY card deck into a marked deck!
Best marked deck- easiest to read and most deceptive!
Stunningly simple deck lets you perform the most mindblowing card effect ever!
Match your spectator's chosen card- under impossible conditions!
Make the pips on one card vanish, and appear on the back of another card!
Magically print faces and backs on a deck of blank playing cards!
Faces and backs magically print on a deck of blank playing cards!
Change one card into another, make a card vanish or appear, and more!
Force your spectator to choose the card you want him to take, easily and accurately!
Produce the predicted card in a really surprising way!
Photo of a card pile changes to show one card turned over- the chosen card!
You will ALWAYS win this one!
BONUS: Includes exclusive instruction video with tips
One of the best card prediction effects we've seen!
Randomly separated cards end up in piles perfectly matched by color!
BONUS: Includes exclusive secret tips video
Perform a NEW version of the classic three card monte swindle with a shocker ending!
No skill, no system, no memorization marked deck!
You will ALWAYS have the winning poker hand!
BONUS: Get an exclusive instruction video with secret tips!
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