Bet They Dont Have This One

Shopping for a hard-to-shop-for magician who may already have a lot of tricks? Don't know what he already has? Or does he really like the unusual gift? These gift ideas will be the perfect solution for you!

Bet They Don't Have This One!

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Make a small item suddenly appear in an empty box!
Real U.S. postage stamps with a built-in magic trick! Uncut sheet of 20
The popular Linking Rings Set in GOLD!
Finally available again!
Wear a card-themed necktie that you can do tricks with!
Restore a torn card or business card- you'll learn four different effects!
Make a selected card appear inside a card box- with the name of the card written on the box!
THEY choose where to place their personal effects- but YOU are always right!
Predict exactly which card your spectator will deal!
Their lucky number leads to their chosen card!
Slim design! Safely store and carry your coin tricks in this handy coin wallet!
Randomly separated cards end up in piles perfectly matched by color!
BONUS: Includes exclusive secret tips video
Magically pass a disc right through your hand!
Print a card box, then make a whole deck of playing cards instantly appear!
You ALWAYS have the ONLY key that will open the lock!
BONUS: Get Monticup's own exclusive blockbuster routine- free!
Lock a borrowed ring, then cause your spectator to mentally choose the correct combination!
Make the pips on one card vanish, and appear on the back of another card!
Make the pips on one card vanish, and appear on the back of another card!
Safely transport, organize and store your packet card tricks!
Chosen card appears in 3D on your finger!
Chosen card appears on the back of the mat!
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