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Protect your valuable card decks from wear with this engraveable metal case!
Make ordinary rubber bands seem to pass right through each other!
Make a whole deck of playing cards instantly vanish!
Make a spectator's signed card jump to the top of the deck, then change the deck to a solid block!
BONUS: Includes a 52 ON ONE Card
BONUS VIDEO: Get exclusive additional ONLINE instruction with expert tips from Peter Monticup!
Can you "print" real dollars from blank paper?? Collector's model
Make a small brass weight defy gravity!
Simply turn this ring to make it shrink or grow larger!
Turn small bottles up and down- your spectator can't follow you!
Vanish a roll of candies- change them into a colorful silk streamer!
Real U.S. postage stamps with a built-in magic trick! Uncut sheet of 20
The popular Linking Rings Set- in GOLD color metal!
Move the hole in a solid block of wood!
BONUS VIDEO: Includes exclusive additional ONLINE instruction from Peter Monticup with expert tips!
Restore a torn card or business card- you'll learn four different effects!
Make a selected card appear inside a card box- with the name of the card written on the box!
Randomly separated cards end up in piles perfectly matched by color- SHUFFLING ALLOWED!
Purchase this INSTANT VIDEO DOWNLOAD with expert instruction from Peter Monticup!
Magically pass a disc right through your hand!
Safely transport, organize and store your packet card tricks!
Make four cards change position, even though they are connected!
BONUS VIDEO - Monticup's online instruction shows you EXACTLY how to set and unset the gimmick
Chosen card appears on the back of the mat!
Playing cards visibly appear on clear glass!
BONUS: Comes with a Force Deck
Cause your SPECTATOR to correctly name the combination of ANY four numbers!
Chosen playing card or message visibly appears and vanishes in water!
BONUS VIDEO: Comes with exclusive additional ONLINE instruction with ENGLISH instructions from Peter Monticup!
Change the color of this ring, right on your finger!
You control the ONLY key that will open the lock! EVER!
BONUS: Get MagicTricks.com exclusive secret tool!
BONUS VIDEO: Get Monticup's exclusive additional ONLINE instruction!
Easily predict the chosen symbol! Different!
Count the leprechauns- one vanishes right before your eyes!
The popular Four Linking Rings Set- UltraThin!
BONUS VIDEO: Get Monticup's exclusive ONLINE instruction for the routine!
$13.99 $7.99
Try to get both riders on the horses!
Two welded metal wires seem to lengthen and shorten!
Match the spectator's card- and all the other cards turn blank!
The popular Linking Rings Set- in lighter weight metal!
Crazy bananas seem to shrink and grow!
Safely carry, store and index your packet card tricks!
Elegant yet affordable protection for your favorite packet tricks!
Exclusive THREE RING set with a unique routine!
BONUS VIDEO: Get Monticup's exclusive How-To ONLINE instruction!

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