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Produce or vanish items from an empty drawer box!
The classic Snapper trick in a large yellow plastic version!
BONUS: Monticup's online video lesson on how to work the Snapper PLUS how to snap the cap on a Bic pen
Visibly cut a card into THREE pieces- and instantly restore it!
Pour some cola from a bottle, then slice it and restore it again!
Visibly cut a pencil into THREE pieces- and instantly restore it!
Split your raccoon puppet into three parts- then make him whole again!
Visibly cut a rope into two pieces- and instantly restore it!
A carrying case for a banana???
An egg appears and vanishes from inside a bag with a zipper bottom!
Professional quality cloth makes Zombie Ball handling smooth and easy!
Control the legendary silver ball as it floats around in front of you!
Totally impossible ball vanish and appearance- in The Zone!
BONUS: Comes with two additional special balls
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