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Make the letter T out of the puzzle pieces!
Adjustable and sturdy table base fits nearly any tabletop!
Store and transport your magic, then you're all ready to perform!
Do your best magic with a portable, professional, balanced Cups and Balls set!
Perform in style- use this clever top hat table for your next show!
Coins through the table- unique portable version!
Selected card is the only one face up- rest of the deck is blank!
You know the chosen numbers on TWO dice!
Reveal the color of a secretly hidden rod- and the person who is telling the truth!
Elegant yet affordable protection for your favorite packet tricks!
You always know INSTANTLY exactly what was written- a card, a symbol, initials, a drawing- whatever!
BONUS VIDEO: Get exclusive additional ONLINE instruction with expert tips from Peter Monticup!
Instantly know ANYTHING your spectator secretly wrote!
Change one card into another, make a card vanish or appear, and more!
ONLINE VIDEO: Monticup's exclusive IMPORTANT instruction!
Three amazing original card effects - That's Your Card, Double Choice and Joker Sandwich!
You add a 53rd card to the deck- your spectator selects the only duplicate!
Make a selected card appear inside a card box- with the name of the card written on the box!
$23.99 $13.99
Learn some very clever gambling-type card moves!
Vanish a coin from your open hand- with your sleeves rolled up!
Tricks with magical accessories you already own!
A Guide To the Art of Street Magic!
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