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Deck of playing cards with bold letters on the faces!
BONUS: Free video- HOW TO FORCE A CARD/span>
BONUS: How To Do Six Tricks with This Deck/span>
Perform classic Cups and Balls routines PLUS Chop Cup routines!
Flys appear and vanish! RARE MAGIC TRICK
Four individual sponges turn into a sponge shaped like the number 4!
Correctly name which animal your spectator secretly selected!
Know instantly which animal your spectator chose!
Incredible antique hand-tinted souvenir book, with magic tricks!
Wonderful broadside advertising 19th century magician De La Mano and his Educated Pig act!
Authentic broadside advertising 19th century magician De La Mano as the French Magician!
Real 2-sided handbill advertising the 19th century travelling magician De La Mano!
Impressive and authentic oversize broadside advertising 19th century magician De La Mano!
Authentic broadside advertising 19th century magician De La Mano- Wizard of the East!
Authentic posters, handbill and souvenir book from the show of travelling magician DeLaMano!
Produce a colorful bouquet of flowers from a magic wand!
Produce a real 8 Ball from a flat card case!
Change a silk to a RED candle, or produce a RED candle from thin air!
Change a silk to a WHITE candle, or produce a WHITE candle from thin air!
Make a cane appear from thin air, or change a silk to a cane!
BONUS VIDEO: Comes with exclusive additional ONLINE instruction with expert tips from Peter Monticup!
Instantly produce a big colorful bouquet of 10 flower blooms!
Instantly produce a big bouquet of flowers!
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