The 53rd Card + ONLINE VIDEO
You add a 53rd card to the deck
and your spectator selects the only duplicate!

The 53rd Card + ONLINE VIDEO


You add a 53rd card to the deck- your spectator selects the only duplicate!


Ages 13 and up   Level 2

Demo Video

Bonus Video

Watch the instruction video here

Comes with our online instruction video!
(password provided to you after purchase)

A crazy match!


This one is truly a stunner!

Let your spectator know that you have added one additional card to the deck in the box- a 53rd Card, so to speak.
This added card is a duplicate of one of the 52 regular cards in the deck.
You are going to allow your SPECTATOR to shuffle the cards, cut the cards and handle the cards himself.
And yet, he will select the card that matches your 53rd card AND will be able to find that 53rd card in the deck!

As you see in the demo video, the spectator does all the handling of the deck.
He selects one card.
You have taped a prediction on the back of the card box.
The prediction states EXACTLY where your spectator will find the 53rd Card.
He follows the instruction and counts down to the described card- and THE CARDS MATCH!
He has found BOTH duplicate cards!

This trick comes with ONLINE INSTRUCTIONS only (no printed instructions), filmed by Monticup himself.
See his exact handling, learn his tips, and watch his routine!

What You Get

Here's what you'll get:

  • The 53rd Card deck
  • ONLINE VIDEO instructions

We provide the instructions for this trick via an ONLINE VIDEO.
There are NO printed instructions.

How To Watch the Online Video Instructions:

The password to the video will be printed on a card shipped with this trick.
The password and link will also be EMAILED to you immediately after purchase.
Click the RED ARROW under the demo video above on this page.
Enter your password to view the video instructions.


Customer Reviews

I had no idea how this one was done! It fooled me bad! It uses a very clever principle and it's super easy to do. The deck comes set-up ready to perform. The spectator does all of the work. It works everytime just like you see in the demo. Also, the effect instantly resets! Making it the perfect worker anytime, anywhere, as long as you have this deck. Peter does a great job explaining everything so you will be performing this immediately. Get it!
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from New Jersey. on 9/7/2019

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