21 Cent Trick
Coins vanish in the palm of your hand!

21 Cent Trick


Make a dime, a nickel and a penny instantly vanish in your hand!


Ages 13 and up   Level 2

Demo Video

Want to do an astounding coin magic trick?


Place two nickels, a penny and a dime in your hand.
Close your hand, and remove a nickel.
Your spectator thinks you still have 16 cents in coins in your hand- but when you open your hand, the other coins have vanished, and your hand is EMPTY!

Precision-made gimmicked coins do all the work for you!
These gimmicked coins are made from real U.S. coins!

What You Get

Here's what you'll get:

  • 21 Cent gimmicked coins set
  • printed instructions

And that's all you need!

Tips & Ideas


Make sure you don't spend the trick coin by mistake!
Keep your trick coins safe and separate from other coins.
Keep them in a COIN CARRIER.
See the different styles of coin carriers and cases for sale here.

Performance Ideas:

Use this trick as a counting game. If you are performing for children, make it a fun way to learn to add the value of coins together. If you are performing for adults, it can be a humorous way to get the better of a "know-it-all"!

More Video

History and Trivia:

The legendary magic inventor and manufacturer Carl Brema introduced the concept of this trick, and was the first to manufacture a version under his Brema magic manufacturing name.

Interested in magic history?
Visit our free online Magic Library, full of biographies of famous magicians plus lots of magic history and trivia!

Customer Reviews

21 Cent Salute
I recently purchased this trick and am very pleased with it. One nice feature about this trick is that you can use Mr. Monticup's patter or you can follow the instructions included, which doesn't require any math. (As a youngster, I froze when I heard the word math or arithemetic , so I understand how some spectators may freeze, too, but not to worry with this effect!) My only advice is to suggest you have your audience view the coins downward simply because the coins are machined to fit, so they're thinner than non-machined coins, which might be noticed by a few keen-eyed spectators. That's why we're magicians -- we learn to watch our angles and misdirect audience attention!
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from TX. on 12/14/2019
Add to cart...great trick..
Nice variation of a classic concept. At $23.99, some that are uninformed may think this a bit pricey. Quite the contrary, the gimmicked coins are of good quality, and the set works perfectly. Nothing difficult for the novice to learn...it is a very easy worker. And, when you put 21c into you hand, pull out a nickel, and the remaining 16c vanishes with no crazy sleights, that first reaction will justify the price of the trick. What's it worth for people to think that you are AMAZING? Heck, in that case, $23.99 is a bargain and I don't even know you! Just teasing... This is good! Get it!
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from CA. on 8/24/2015

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