Wonder Silk Box
Make a silk or ball instantly appear from a tiny empty box!
Ages 13 and up Level 2
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Wonder Silk Box

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A really clever small illusion!

It's simple! You open two sides of this miniature metal box to show that the box is truly empty. Fold the sides back up, and instantly reach into the box and pull out a silk, a sponge ball, or other small object of your choice!

This Silk Box will allow you to produce a load of silks, many more than it would appear that the box could hold!

Really attractive, powder coated metal box, sturdily constructed to last a lifetime. About 3" high and 2" wide.

What you'll get when you buy this trick   Here's what you'll get:

  • Wonder Silk Box
  • printed instructions
You supply the object (silk, sponge ball, etc.) to be produced.


Note from Peter: The load chamber is removable so it is possible to produce TWO full loads of items! To do this, you would need to use TWO of these boxes. Load the first box in the usual way, produce the items from the load chamber, then secretly remove the chamber (behind your table), show the box empty, secretly load the second chamber into the box behind your table, and produce the items from the second load. Alternatively, you can produce the first set of items, hand the box to your assistant, and let her take the box away and quickly attach the second chamber for you.

You may also need:

Silk- 9 inch

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