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Trilogy Card Prediction COMPLETE + DVD
Random numbers match randomly selected cards- TRIPLE prediction!
Ages 13 and up Level 2
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Trilogy Card Prediction COMPLETE + DVD

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Amazing and yes- EASY!

If you want the impossible, if you want to perform an absolutely STUNNING prediction card trick, but you don't want one that requires ANY fancy moves- this is the trick for you! If you can spread the cards out, you can do the trick!

The effect: Using three spectators, you name a playing card, and let Spectator #1 choose a random number. You name another card, and let Spectator #2 name another random number. For the third prediction, you name a number, and Spectator #3 names ANY card (except the cards you've already named, of course).

You open a deck of cards and spread them out, showing that the cards are all numbered on the back, with different numbers. You find the card with the number that Spectator #1 chose, and let him remove the card, keeping it face down and secret for now. You repeat, finding the card with the number that Spectator #2 chose, and let him remove that card as well. Now you turn the deck face up, and look for the card that Spectator #3 chose, and let him remove that as well.

Spectator #1 turns his card over- it is the exact card you named BEFORE he chose his random number! Spectator #2 turns his card over- it is the card you named before he chose his random number, too! And when Spectator #3 turns his card over, the number you named is written on the back of the card!

Best of all, this requires NO SKILL, NO MOVES, NO MECHANICAL FORCE, NO STOOGES! It is a really clever and unusual method!

Buy TRILOGY COMPLETE from and get EVERYTHING you need! Don't be disappointed by buying this trick elsewhere, where you will have to supply your own additional "something". We include everything you need! TWO special Bicycle decks (and yes, you need BOTH). A DVD of clear, step-by-step instructions to teach you how to set up your miracle effect. And, of course, free support from owner Peter Monticup himself. Just ask!

Trilogy Card Prediction COMPLETE is a stunner that can be performed for a few people or for an entire audience from stage. It's spectacular!



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