Top Hat with Load Chamber- Collapsible GOLDEN DRAGON
Ornate golden dragon top hat pops open, with a hidden compartment!
Ages 13 and up Level 1
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Top Hat with Load Chamber- Collapsible GOLDEN DRAGON

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Flashy, fun and functional!

Dramatic decoration on this dragon covered top hat! It even has a built-in secret load compartment!

Simply show the top hat empty. Then when you reach in and pull out bunches of silk scarves, your audience will gasp! Where did all those scarves come from??

Or maybe pull out a deck of cards to use in your next routine! How about producing some little prizes or piles of sweet treats to toss out to your audience? You can do it all with this wonderful top hat!

But wait! That's not all! Your new lined collapsible top hat will fold flat in an instant and then pop right back to normal again with just a touch! Quality spring-work makes this a dependable and affordable choice for the magician who is particular about his props. The hat is made of a stretchy black material, which looks very rich under any kind of lighting, and is really soft to the touch.

This is not really a good choice for children; the spring mechanism can break if improperly or carelessly handled. It may be better for you to buy an inexpensive paper or felt top hat for a child to use. We recommend getting an economy hat at your local party supply or costume shop.

Comes in one size only, which is Medium, about size 6 3/4. If the hat will not fit your head, you may use it as most magicians do, as a prop to place items into, or to take items out of. It definitely says MAGIC!

What you'll get when you buy this trick   Here's what you'll get:

  • folding DRAGON top hat with load chamber
  • printed instructions on how to properly open and close the hat
You supply any items to produce out of the hat, like silks, cards, spring flowers, etc.



Here's a great tip!

Want to know how the professionals load their silks to make it easier to produce them from any prop? You don't want to struggle with the silks, or have to "pick" them out- you want them to POP out, one after another.

Watch! We reveal the professional secret in this FREE video here!


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