The Prediction
Match your spectator's choice- with a startling reveal!
Ages 13 and up Level 2
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The Prediction

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Stunning and quick!

This one seems totally IMPOSSIBLE! Yet you'll be performing this effect in MINUTES!

What makes this a really spectacular effect is that ONLY THE SPECTATOR handles the deck of cards from beginning to end! Plus, the wallet with your prediction in it is placed on the table BEFORE the effect begins, and is never touched until the reveal at the end!

Keep that in mind as you read the routine: Start by laying the prediction wallet in full view on the table in front of the spectator. Place two coins on the table- one has a square engraved on it, the other has a circle. Hand the spectator the deck of cards. Let the spectator count cards into piles and let him select the two piles he wants. The spectator turns over the top card on each pile. Then let him place one coin on each of the two cards. Yes- he has a FREE CHOICE of which coin to place on which card.

When he has made his choice (and he can change his mind and change the coins around), you open the wallet. There are two cards inside. THEY ARE THE EXACT TWO CARDS CHOSEN BY THE SPECTATOR!

But wait- that's not even the best part! Each of the cards taken from the wallet has a shape cut out of it- THE SAME SHAPE AS THE ENGRAVED COIN CHOSEN BY THE SPECTATOR!

How could you have known?? This is INCREDIBLE!

Here's what you'll get:

  • The Prediction trick (cards, wallet, medallions)
  • instructions on DVD

You supply an ordinary deck of cards.



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