Table- Revolving Rabbit
Rabbit shaped wooden folding table makes showtime fun!
Ages 10 and up Level 1
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Table- Revolving Rabbit

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Have everything exactly where you need it!

Your show will go MUCH SMOOTHER when all of your props are easily within reach!

Just think- No more fumbling! No more knocking things over!

If you are needing a colorful stage table that is lightweight, packs flat, looks great and is REALLY USEFUL- this is it!

Imagine having a table that is so easy to carry, but folds out to an impressive size, making your show look more exciting, professional and fun.
Colorful stage accessories really get an audience in the mood for magic!

The table base is a brightly painted magical cartoon rabbit. The base is even cut into the rabbit shape!
The table top is a bright red padded surface with vibrant yellow fringe!

Best of all- the table top REVOLVES!
If you need to show a large prop all around (like a Production Box or a Square Circle), all you need to do is turn the TOP around, instead of having to reach around pick up a cumbersome prop.
Not only will this look MORE PROFESSIONAL, but it will be safer for your props, too!

Performance Ideas:

Place the props you'll need for four different tricks on this table.
After you finish the first trick, give the table a quarter of a turn, and your next trick will be in position, all ready to go!
You'll have four tricks neatly and efficiently set up to make your whole show go more smoothly.

Here's what you'll get:

  • Revolving Top Rabbit Table
  • no instructions needed

Table comes fully assembled. Just open it and go!


Closeup Pad- Deluxe Pro BLACK
Top Hat- Collapsible BLACK


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