Secretly switch one card for another with this ingenious pocket device!
Ages 13 and up Level 3
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So easy- it's like cheating!

Ever wished you could perform seemingly impossible card tricks, but you don't have the skill? Well, your Card-Worker's Dream is NOW possible with Switch-A-Roo, the ingenius card-switching device that works right in your pocket! And you don't need sleight of hand to use this gimmick!

It's a simple idea: use Switch-A-Roo to switch regular cards for any other cards, in one simple motion!

Wow, does this open up the possibilities! Secretly switch a card for a signed card. Secretly switch any card for one that was previously selected and vanished. Secretly switch a regular card for a gimmicked card, and use that gimmicked card to perform an impossible card effect! Secretly switch a gimmicked card for a regular card, so that you can let your spectator "examine" the card! End your packet tricks cleanly, with no telltale gimmicked card left at the end. Oh, the possibilities are ENDLESS!

Switch-A-Roo will even allow you to switch up to SIX cards for a single card! With a little practice to make the handling smooth, you can add this amazing tool to your secret arsenal.

What you'll get when you buy this trick   Here's what you'll get:

  • Switch-A-Roo gimmick
  • printed instructions with illustrations
You supply your own playing cards.


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