Steel Ball and Tube + BONUS
Steel ball melts into the tube at your command!
Ages 10 and up Level 3
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Steel Ball and Tube + BONUS

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Perform this mystery in minutes!

And this one comes with a BONUS you can only get from!

A true classic! The solid steel ball is too large to fit inside the steel tube, but at your command, it lowers into the tube and comes back up again. When your spectator tries it, the ball is now too small for the tube and falls right through it!

For a version of this pocket illusion that works on a different principle, see the Ball and Brass Tube. And to learn some great tricks you can do with the Steel Ball and Tube, see the Steel Ball and Tube Book.

BONUS: Includes an exclusive FREE instruction video! Since the instructions that come with this trick teach you only one basic effect, we made a great short video to teach you Monticup's entire routine! Not only that, but you'll get some clever tips on how to handle your trick so it works really smoothly, information you won't get if you buy this trick from anywhere else!

Here's what you'll get:

  • Steel Ball and Tube trick
  • printed instructions
  • BONUS: Monticup's video instruction teaching you his own routine, plus valuable tips

And that's all you need!

Watch the bonus video here

Order this trick from and you'll get an exclusive video instruction for the Steel Ball and Tube- FREE!

Watch Peter Monticup as he shows you his own routine for the Steel Ball and Tube PLUS tips for a SMOOTHER HANDLING of this trick!

You can't get this video ANYWHERE ELSE!

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