Spirit Lock Box
Only you can open the box!
Ages 13 and up Level 2
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Spirit Lock Box

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Based on a famous Japanese lock box puzzle!

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This is a very unusual puzzle box, beautifully constructed and ready to amaze your spectator. Simply take it from your case or from the shelf in your library, and place a small item inside of it. Close the box and the magic begins. Your spectator will not be able to open the box without knowing the secret! It's as if an invisible "spirit lock" is keeping the box closed. Yes, it's a puzzle, and only you hold the "key"! Only you know the secret moves that will open the locked box.

Puzzle boxes are highly collectible, and are a favorite of puzzle lovers everywhere. The boxes can only be opened after carrying out a series of specific manipulations. The Spirit Lock Box works in a similar (but less complicated) way- it is sure to be a treasured addition to your magic collection!

Performance Ideas:

This is called the Spirit Lock Box because it was commonly used in seances in the early 1900s. Create a routine in which an "invisible spirit" is holding the box shut, until you "persuade" the spirit to let go and let the box open.

Here's what you'll get:

  • Spirit Lock Box
  • printed instructions

You supply the item to put inside the box.
We recommend borrowing an item from your spectator.
Box is constructed of polished wood.


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