Rainbow Silk Streamer - 4 foot
Produce a REALLY long and colorful silk streamer!
Ages 10 and up Level 1
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Rainbow Silk Streamer - 4 foot

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NEW SIZE! Super long and super colorful!

Need something eyecatching to produce to produce from a Popcorn Dye Box, a Production Box or a Change Bag? How about a REALLY long and colorful silk streamer! This is an incredible FOUR FEET LONG!

Simple to use- just hide it in your prop, then produce it! Beautifully made of soft silk, a blending of four vibrant colors (red, yellow, blue and green). Very flashy!

Measures about 2" wide and 48" long. Made of quality silk for easy compression.

Here's what you'll get:

  • Rainbow Silk Streamer - 4 feet long
  • NO instructions

STREAMER ONLY- you provide the trick or routine.
This silk is multicolor and measures 2 inches wide by 48 inches long.


Here's a great tip!

Want to know how the professionals load their silks to make it easier to produce them from any prop? You don't want to struggle with the silks, or have to "pick" them out- you want them to POP out, one after another.

Watch! We reveal the professional secret in this FREE video here!



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