Rice Orange and Checkers
Make a stack of checkers, an orange and a pile of rice change places!
Ages 13 and up Level 1
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Rice Orange and Checkers

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The Rice, Orange and Checkers trick is one of the great classic effects in magic. Ever since it was first introduced in the early 1900s, the Rice, Orange and Checkers Mystery has been a favorite. This effect was featured in the big illusion shows of all the master magicians- Thurston, Kellar, Blackstone Sr. And with good reason- it is one of those tricks that truly looks MAGICAL!

Here's the effect: The Rice, Orange and Checkers is a triple transposition. Make a single stack from large red and yellow wooden checkers, and cover them with a beautifully decorated metal tube (and it is gorgeous!) Place a real orange on the table and cover it with a second metal tube. Finally, pour a large quantity of rice into an ornate canister. Make your magic gesture, say your magic words, and the magic happens! All three items have changed places!

When you lift the tube covering the checkers, the rice comes pouring out! When you lift the tube covering the orange, there are the checkers! And, when you tip over the canister holding the rice, out rolls the orange!

Great colorful magic that is a perfect closing effect for your act! Just think of the storyline possibilities you can use with this one. And it's visual and simple enough for any audience to enjoy, young or old.

This is a large, bold, well made effect, in beautiful, bright gleaming colors and an eyecatching Oriental design. In fact, the checkers are over 4 inches in diameter! And not only is this an amazing effect to use in your show, it also looks SO IMPRESSIVE displayed in your magic library!

Performance Ideas
You can have a "Mysteries of the Orient" themed routine for your show. Use props like the Rice Orange and Checkers Mystery, the Brahmin Rice Bowls, the Temple Screen, Chinese Sticks, the Crystal Silk Cylinder and the China Mystery Square Circle.
What you'll get:
  • two Mandarin character covers
  • one fancy canister
  • set of red and yellow checkers
  • printed instructions
You supply the orange and the rice.

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