Returns Advice

Why Returns Are Discouraged

Please read before asking for a refund or exchange

We want you to be a happy customer, but we want to be fair to everybody, including other magicians who have purchased these same tricks. Because you are buying the secret when you buy a trick, our general policy is: no returns, no refunds, no exchanges for another item. And here's why:


First: Magic tricks are not like any other item you will buy. When you buy a magic trick, you are buying two things: the actual gimmicked item, and the secret. Many magic tricks work on very simple principles, and the piece of equipment you get is only part of the trick. The main part is the secret- the idea, the clever principle, the routine. The people who invent these tricks must be paid for their ideas. It would not be fair for you to be able to order their tricks, examine them, learn the secret, and return them to get your money back because now you know "how it's done".

Second: Magic is a hobby that requires practice and dedication. You must be willing to put some practice into the tricks you buy. Don't get easily discouraged! Even the simplest tricks don't really work themselves- the magician must present the illusion for the magic to be really good. Returning a trick just because you don't feel like taking the time to practice it is not allowed (again- you already know the secret!). If you don't like to practice anything, or if you are impatient, maybe magic is not a good hobby for you.

Third: Good magic is simple. Sometimes that can be a drawback, because you may receive your trick and think, "Awwww. That's how it works" and be disappointed that it isn't more complicated. Remember that all the tricks we carry have been audience tested again and again. These tricks fool people! Just because a trick is ingeniously simple isn't a good reason for wanting to return it. There are a lot of mediocre tricks out there. We let other shops carry them- you won't find crummy tricks here. Simple- yes. Clever- yes. Crummy- no.

Fourth: Every trick has a detailed description, and most have a demo video. We try to be as accurate as possible in describing what each trick does, and the skill needed to do each effect. We encourage you to contact us before you purchase any trick if you have any questions. We stand behind what we sell: you get a good value for your money.

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