Reception Vase
Change water into dry silks, flowers, colorful candies and more!
Ages 13 and up Level 1
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Reception Vase

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A split second is all it takes!

Transformation tricks (where you turn one thing into something else) have been some of the most popular magic effects in history. The Reception Vase is one of those tried-and-true classic routines. It's been around for centuries! This version is brand new on the market, with some special improvements that will make your routine easier than ever!

The basic effect is this: You pour liquid into the Reception Vase, and then immediately the liquid has vanished, only to be replaced by a load of dry items like silks, sponges, flowers, candies, etc. Where did the water go?? And where did those other items come from??

That's the mystery! Your audience will love this one, and there is ABSOLUTELY NO SKILL needed! If you can put the cover on the tube and lift it back off, you can do this trick!

The Reception Vase is made of highly polished aluminum, and looks like a serious piece of magic equipment. This manufacturer has made several subtle improvements to the mechanism that makes this work, ensuring that yours will operate smoothly every time.

As an EXCLUSIVE TIP for our customers, let us show you how to load the Reception Vase so that it's easier to produce your silks. See the video we've made for you in the TIPS section!

Performance Ideas:

Use the Vase to produce candy at a party. Use several small cups of liquid of various colors (water with food coloring added). Pour a small amount of red, blue, yellow and green liquid into the vase. Cover it, the liquid is gone- and the Vase is filled with colorful candies like Skittles or M&Ms.

Use the Reception Vase to turn liquid into your next trick. For example, pour water into the Vase, put the cover over the tube, lift the cover off again, and the liquid has vanished, changing into a set of Patriotic Ropes.

Load a set of Spring Flowers into the Vase. When you pull the flowers out of the Vase, they will pop open to a huge size, making it a mystery as to how such a big bunch of flowers came out of a narrow tube.

Learn How To Load Your Silks

When you produce your silks, you want them to "pop" up out of the production box or change bag like a Kleenex, so you can grab the next one easily, quickly and smoothly.

Here is a FREE lesson to teach you Monticup's personal technique for correctly loading your silks so that it works every time!

Here's what you'll get:

  • Reception Vase
  • printed instructions

You supply the silks, sponges, flowers or other items to be produced.

Vase is made of polished aluminum. About 8" high, 3" in diameter.


Silk- 12 inch
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Spring Flowers- Mylar
Spring Flowers- Paper Small Bouquet


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