Rabbit Mirror Box
Produce a live bunny from an empty box!
Ages 10 and up Level 1
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Rabbit Mirror Box

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Everyone wants you to make a rabbit appear! This box works by itself- perfect for the beginning magician, and also a useful addition to any magician's show!

Open the door on the front to show that the box is empty. Close the front door, open the door at the top, and instantly produce a live bunny from an apparently empty box!    Designed especially to keep your bunny safe and secure, this is an easy and excellent animal production box.   Of course, you don't have to use a live bunny. You could produce a stuffed toy of your own, or use an animal pupplet like Robbie Raccoon, Sammy Skunk, or Tricky Fox. Make a whole routine out of first producting the puppet, then making the puppet come alive and interact with your audience, even helping you do a trick with them.   And of course, this box can also hold an incredibly large load of silks, flowers, prizes, etc. that appear from an apparently empty box! It's as easy as opening the door of the box, but it looks like impossible magic!

Nicely painted wood construction for years of use. Box measures 13.7 inches long x  9.75 inches wide  x 9.38 inches high. The lid opening is 11 inches long x 6.75 inches wide.

Performance Ideas
What can you produce from the "empty" box? How about the Huge 5 1/2 Foot Production Silk? Or a Happy Birthday Silk? Or even a set of Sponge Rabbits? Or party favors or even candy?

Want to see other magic tricks to produce prizes or candy?

View the complete selection of equipment to produce party favors here

What you'll get:
  • Rabbit Mirror Box
  • printed instructions
You provide the items to be produced.

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