List of Discontinued Magic Tricks
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List of Discontinued Magic Tricks

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  • $100 Bill Silk
    Try this: Selection of Silks, Scarves and Streamers

  • American Flag Blendo
    Try this: Mismade Flag

  • Appearing Sponge Rabbit Deluxe
    Try this: Appearing Sponge Rabbit

  • Aqua Antigravity Combo
    Try this: Selection of Magic Tricks That Use Liquid

  • Aqua Change Vase
    Try this: Selection of Magic Tricks That Use Liquid

  • Astor Quartet Aces

  • Bang Card Gun

  • Behavior Patterns

  • Bengal Net Reversed

  • Blooming Bouquet- Striped Flowers

  • Boston Box

  • Brahmin Rice Bowls

  • Cake In Hat Pan

  • Candle To Flowers
    Try this: Color Changing Candle To Flowers

  • Card Thru Card

  • Carrying Case With Table Base

  • Chain Welding Tray

  • Change Bag- Prop P&L Style

  • Chick Pan- Morrissey
    Try this: Candy Pan

  • Chop Cup- Wide Mouth MINI

  • Chronologue
    Try this: ValiDATE

  • Clairvoyance

  • Closeup Top

  • Coin Flux 2

  • Coin Ladder
    Try this: Coin Pail

  • Coin Squeeze
    Try this: Coin Squeeze With DVD

  • Color Changing Sponge Balls

  • Colossal Mental Epic Board

  • Combo Cups and Balls- Copper
    Try this: Combo Cups and Balls- Aluminum

  • Comedy Egg Can

  • Comedy Funnel
    Try this: Comedy Egg Can

  • Confetti To Flowers

  • Crystal Clear Prediction

  • Crystal Treasure Box

  • Cups and Balls Outdone

  • CSI: Half Dyed Hanky

  • Dancing Handkerchief

  • Deluxe Multiplying Rabbits
    Try this: Multiplying Rabbits and Miracle Rabbit

  • Deluxe Multiplying Sponge Bananas

  • DLite Dazzle Junior

  • Drawer Deck

  • Duck Pan- Super Easy Version

  • Egg Bag- Red Cloth
    Try this: Malini Egg Bag

  • Egg From Handkerchief

  • False Fingertip Set of Seven

  • Floating Hand

  • Flower From Wand

  • Foo Can- Painted

  • Glass Pyramid Multiple Production Box

  • Got Magic Bumper Sticker

  • Helping Hand

  • Hindu Water Vases

  • Impossible Lock
    Try this: Bank Nite Keys

  • IncrediBULL

  • Instant Dice From Bag

  • Instant Ring Off Bolt

  • Invisible Coin

  • Jackpot Bags

  • Jumbo Popping Pips

  • Jungle Mystery

  • Lily Ladybug

  • Linking Pins

  • Lota Beach Bucket

  • Lota Bowl- Morrissey

  • Lota Vase- Rubber Ring

  • Lucky 7 Monte

  • Magician's Hold All Case
    Try this: Customizeable Closeup Case

  • Matchbox Penetration- Grid

  • Mental Jackpot

  • Metamorphosis Magic Book
    Try this: Magic Screen

  • Milk Glass- Sealed

  • Million Dollar Monte

  • Mini Coin Funnel
    Try this: Coin Funnel

  • Multiplying Coin Tray- Wood

  • Murder Inc.

  • Noted
    Try this: Glass Card Deck

  • Orient Express

  • Perfect Match

  • Prediction Card Guard

  • Presto Clock- How Time Flies

  • Problematic Dice
    Try this: Miracle Dice

  • Rattle Bars- Aluminum
    Try this: Rattle Bars- Brass

  • Rattleback Celtic Stones

  • Safecracker Cards

  • Sammy Skunk
    Try this: Roxy Raccoon

  • Self Folding Dollar Bill

  • Shaker Of Beads

  • Silk- Just Say NO

  • Single Sleeve Production Bouquet

  • Spirit Rapping Hand

  • Splitting Feather Flower
    Try this: Five In One Feather Flower

  • Spring Wand

  • Stag Color Changing Knives

  • Stealth Black Deck

  • Stunner Cups and Balls

  • Super Slate

  • Swinging Pips

  • Table- Black Art With Base

  • Table- MC and Accessory Kit

  • Take Apart Vanish

  • Three Card Monte Super With Case

  • Three Shell Game With DVD

  • Three Silk Case
    Try this: Acrobatic Silks

  • Ultimate Table Base
    Try this: Eureka Table Base

  • Ultimate Thumb and Fingertips Set
    Try this: False Finger Set

  • Which Is Red
    Try this: Selection of Paddle Magic Tricks

  • Win Or Lose Lock
    Try this: Bank Nite Keys

  • Wizard Assistant Hat
    Try this: Clown Costume Bag

  • Zag Mismade Quarter
    Try this: Bite Out Coin

  • Zebra Color Changing Knives
    Try this: Color Changing Knives

  • Z-Fold Credit Card Wallet

  • Zombie Box

  • BOOK- Hocus Jokus

  • BOOK- Tarbell all individual volumes

  • BOOKLET- Bill Tube

  • BOOKLET- Chop Cup

  • BOOKLET- Tips and Gags for Kids Magic Shows

  • DVD- BAlloon Magic Made Easy

  • DVD- On Children's Magic
    Try this: DVD- Kids Show Basics

  • DVD- Sleight of Hand With Cards

  • DVD- Thumb Tip Secrets Revealed

  • DVD- Ultimate Aces

  • DVD- Ultimate Torn and Restored Newspaper
    Try this: DVD- Ultimate No-Tear Newspaper Illusion


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