Presto Pans Comparison

Presto Pans Comparison Chart

  Chick Pan
Chick Pan
Pedestal Chick Pan
Pedestal Chick
Candy Pan
Candy Pan
Pedestal Magic Pan
Pedestal Magic
Pan Size small small medium medium
Material metal metal heavy plastic metal
Unique Features small and compact pedestal bottom inexpensive and lightweight pedestal bottom
Price* $44.99 $27.99 $21.99 $39.99
  Cake in Hat Pan
Cake in Hat
Dove Pan
Dove Pan
Duck Pan
Duck Pan
Super Easy Duck Pan
Super Easy Duck
Pan Size medium medium large large
Material metal metal metal metal
Unique Features deeper size nicely polished high quality high quality, holds very large loads less expensive and largest
Price* $37.99 $47.99 $159.99 $89.99
Price is approximate, and shown for relative comparison purposes only.
For most accurate price, please see the price on the ordering page for each product.
Prices for the products shown in the chart above may change without notice. Also, a product may currently be on sale, which is not reflected on this chart. The prices in the chart do not automatically update when product prices are changed on the website, and may occasionally be slightly out of date. The prices on the actual product pages are the ones to go by.
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