Pop-Eyed Popper Deck
Keep your spectator's selected card at your fingertips and under your control!
Ages 13 and up Level 2
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Pop-Eyed Popper Deck

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Incredibly useful trick deck!

There are so many things you can do with this deck! Let your spectator choose a card and put it back in the deck. Immediately you can bring the card back to the top of the deck!

Need to force a card (make your spectator choose a specific card) but you don't have the sleight of hand skills? This deck makes forcing a card AUTOMATIC- the deck does the work for you!

These cards are Poker size, with the official Bicycle back design.

Performance Ideas   Performance Ideas:

You make a prediction and seal it in an envelope. The Pop-Eyed Popper Deck is fanned, and the spectator points to ANY card. The spectator looks at the card, then opens the envelope to reveal that your prediction matches the selected card!


First Quality Merchandise   Guaranteed First Quality!

You're protected when you buy from MagicTricks.com! These are official FIRST QUALITY cards from U.S. Playing Card Co.

BEWARE! If you see Bicycle Brand cards at a cheap price elsewhere, they may be factory "seconds"! Those cards were cut or printed a bit crooked, and did not pass quality control, which is why they are cheaper. You get what you pay for!

What you'll get when you buy this trick Here's what you'll get:

  • Pop-Eyed Popper Deck
  • basic printed instructions
Deck is Poker size with Bicycle back design.


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