PACKAGE DEAL - Cups and Balls Set (Aluminum) plus Complete Cups and Balls Course DVD Set
Make little balls appear, disappear and travel between three cups!
Ages 13 and up Level 2
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PACKAGE DEAL - Cups and Balls Set (Aluminum) plus Complete Cups and Balls Course DVD Set

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SPECIAL PACKAGE DEAL! You'll get the Aluminum Cups and Balls set, plus Complete Cups and Balls Course 2-DVD Set! With this package, you're saving lots of money!

Many professional magicians make the Cups and Balls the highlight of their performances, and for good reason. This trick is a true classic, a real audience pleaser. The Cups and Balls trick is one of our top sellers! And with this Complete Course DVD you'll learn EVERYTHING you need to know, from basic moves to very advanced professional routines. There is a LOT of material here! So much that it takes TWO DVDs to cover it all!

Three cups, three balls. Make the balls appear and disappear, travel from under one cup to another- many, many routines! Easy to learn, but so amazing to see!

The Cups are smooth aluminum construction, with the rolled rib in the middle. Nicely balanced, and polished to a beautiful mirror shine. They are 3.25" high, 2.5" diameter, and are not gimmicked. The balls are 3/4" ungimmicked knit balls. And this set comes packaged with an incredible 2-DVD instruction set- your complete course in Cups and Balls magic!

It is strongly recommended that you use a CLOSEUP MAT. Closeup mats or pads are padded surfaces that make it possible to move the Cups and Balls smoothly without snags, slips or runaway balls. carries many different sizes, shapes and colors of Closeup Pads.

We also carry extra knit balls sets. Just in case you lose one, or you want to replace worn ones.
And some great routines depend on using a wand (for the Vernon Spin move, for example). Our Magicians' Wands are nicely balanced and easy to use in your routines.


The Cups
Cups & Balls Basics
Cups & Balls Terms
Nesting and Stacking
Holding Out
Professional Routine

Essential Moves and Sleights
Inertia Move
Fake Transfer/Fake Take/Fake Put
French Drop
Classic Pass
Frank Garcia's Master Vanish
Holding Out
Finger Palming
Thumb Palm
Classic Palm

Essential Secret Loads
Finger Palm Load
Thumb Palm Load
Classic Palm Load
Tip Over Load
Loading A Nested Cup
Eddy Ray Advanced Stacking Move
Stealing Balls From The Tabled Cups
Two Finger Steal
Cup Holdout
Two Finger Steal And Cup Spin
Nested Cup Steal
Little Finger Retention
Nesting Roll Steal
Faking The Load
The Scoop Method
Pinch Method or Roll
Fake Roll Out and Load
Fake Transfer Load

Cup Manipulations
Solid Through Solid
Wand Penetration
Wand Penetration Variation
Cup Measurement
Ball From Empty Cup
Cup Roll
Ball Through Cup
Charlie Miller Move
Advanced Miller Move
Elevator Move
Click Move
Eddy Ray Cheat Move
Flustration Count
Tip Off Move
Galloping Post Move
Centrifugal Force
Carlyle's Propositional Bet
Die to Dime

Wand Manipulations & Moves
Through The Fist Vanish
Through The Fist #2
Mora Wand Spin
Mora Spin w/Ball Vanish
Instant Vanish
Drummer Spin
Finger Spin
Palm Spin
One Hand Wand Appearance
Wand Appearance w/Silk
Flip Wand Vanish
Flip Wand Vanish w/Silk
Eddy Ray Wand Vanish

Starting Your Routine
One Ahead Principle
One Ahead #2
Two Ahead Principle
Three Ahead
Three Ahead #2

Starting Sequences
One Ahead Return Opening
One Ahead Penetration
Three Ahead Sequence
Garcia's Opening Phase

Middle Sequences
The Assembly
Miller Sequence #1
Miller Sequence #2
Classic Middle Assembly
Slow Motion Assembly
Three On Top
Two None Two Sequence
Shower of Balls
Shower of Balls w/No Cup

Final Loads
Final Load Standing
Loading Your Pockets

Final Sequences
Classic Elimination Sequence

Final Load Revelations
Garcia's Ending Rhythm
Classic Ending Rhythm
Spectator's Ending Rhythm

Roy Benson Bowl Routine
Roy Benson Bowl Routine
Props Used For Routine

What you'll get when you buy this trick   Here's what you'll get:

  • set of three aluminum cups
  • set of regular 3/4" knit balls
  • Complete Cups and Balls Course 2-DVD set

Balls are made of cork with a knit covering.
Replacement balls are available at

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