Newspaper Seance Hand
Cause strange and unexplained things to happen from behind a newspaper!
Ages 13 and up Level 2
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Newspaper Seance Hand

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The legendary Daylight Seance- but new and improved!

This is the absolute BEST version of the classic Daylight Seance effect ever. But instead of a black cloth, you use a newspaper, something everyone is familiar with!

The basic routine is simple, but you can take it as far as your imagination can reach! This gimmick gives you a "third hand" so you can use one of your hands to secretly lift objects, move objects or even toss objects from behind the newspaper.

How about this? Walk out onstage carrying a folded newspaper. Unfold the paper and start to read. As you are holding the paper with both hands, weird things start to happen! A bell rings behind the newspaper, on its own! A handkerchief floats along the top edge of the paper! An apple flies out from behind the newspaper and bounces on the stage! All kinds of strange things happen - all while you are holding the paper with both hands!

It is comical and truly magical!

This trick works through the use of a gimmick which fits an adult hand. Sorry, it is not appropriate for children.

Performance Ideas   Performance Ideas:

Blend this with any other tricks you do with a newspaper, such as a Torn and Restored Newspaper routine (available at You can turn this one trick into an entire newspaper-themed act.


What you'll get when you buy this trick   Here's what you'll get:

  • Seance Newspaper Hand gimmick
  • printed instructions
You supply an ordinary sheet of newspaper, and any props to produce, vanish, move., toss, etc.


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