Multiplying Wands
Magic wands multiply as your spectator takes them!
Ages 10 and up Level 2
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Multiplying Wands

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Kids go crazy over this one!

Hilarious bit of business to add comedy to your show! Every magic trick needs a magic wand, so hand the wand to your spectator to help you perform the magic. When your spectator takes the wand- WHOA!- you still have a wand in your hand! The spectator takes that wand from you and- WHOA!- you STILL have a wand in your hand! This repeats until the spectator is frantically trying to hold on to FIVE wands! It's funny, and your spectator will have fun, too!

Very easy to do- the trick works itself! If you can hold a wand in your hand, you can do the trick! And because the wands are different colors with sparkle tape ends, they show up really well from a distance.

You'll get five different color wands that nest together, plus printed instructions. These are large, quality made, heavy duty plastic wands by Ickle Pickle. They will withstand years of use!

The largest wand is 14" long and 1.25" in diameter. All the wands have silver glitter tape on the ends. The largest wand is red, the next is blue, then yellow, then green, then white.

Performance Ideas:

You can use this box to change paper into money or a blank piece of paper into one with a message on it.

When you hand the first wand to your spectator, have him take it with his right hand. Have him take the second with his left hand. The third goes under his right arm. The fourth under his left arm. The fifth under his chin. then tell him to "Wave the wand" to make the magic happen. Most likely he will wiggle around, which is very funny!

Here's what you'll get:

  • Multiplying Wands (set of SIX)
  • easy printed instructions

And that's all you need!

The wands are made of plastic.
Each wand is a different color.
The wands are different sizes (they nest inside each other).


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