Metamorphosis Magic Book + BONUS
Produce loads of larger items from a flat book!
Ages 13 and up Level 1
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Metamorphosis Magic Book + BONUS

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Watch the look of wonder in their eyes!

LITERALLY take your tricks RIGHT OUT OF THE PAGES OF A BOOK! The concept of this one has been around a long time, and for a very good reason- it's IMPRESSIVE! Makes a great opening effect for your show!

Hold a large book in your hands, explaining to your audience that you found this fantastic book of magic tricks, and you would like to perform some of them from the book now. And that's exactly what you do! You literally pull your tricks from out of the book, taking out all the necessary props and items to do your next routine! Whatever you need, you just reach into the book- and the item becomes REAL!

You can remove loads of flat items like silks, cards, etc. AND you can remove larger objects like cans, jars, fruit, tubes, mouth coils, flowers, etc.!! Your audience will be flabbergasted as the objects are obviously much larger than the book! Where did the objects come from??!!

No tipping moves, no body loads are necessary. The Metamorphosis MAGIC BOOK uses a very clever AND EASY magical method! If you can open the book- you can do the trick!

The book is 11 inches tall by 7.5 inches wide. When it is closed, it is only 1 inch thick.

Performance Ideas:

If you have an assistant, you can use this prop several times during your show. Simply have the assistant do the necessary re-setting, and then you can repeat the "taking the tricks out of the book" routine at a later point in your show.

Use the book to produce prizes. "Read" a story out of the book about a good little birthday child, and at the end of the story, produce a gift for the child.

What you'll get:
  • one Metamorphosis Book
  • printed instructions
  • password to a secret video that shows you exactly how to handle this effect
You supply any props to be produced from the book.
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When you buy METAMORPHOSIS BOOK from us, you'll also get a FREE INSTRUCTION VIDEO with Monticup's own secret tips on how to load the book and the best way to handle it to make it work smoothly for you.

The instructions that come with this trick are pretty hard to follow. So when you buy the trick from, you'll get access to a special video that I made just for you, to show you EXACTLY how to operate this great trick! The trick is fantastic- but ONLY if you know my secret technique! You won't get THAT anywhere else!

After you purchase the trick, you'll get a password EMAILED TO YOU.
Just click the VIDEO BOX to the left and enter your password when asked.

You can watch the video from this page anytime.
If you forgot your password, just contact us.
Get a free bonus when you buy this trick

Here's a great tip!

Want to know how the professionals load their silks to make it easier to produce them from any prop? You don't want to struggle with the silks, or have to "pick" them out- you want them to POP out, one after another.

Watch! We reveal the professional secret in this FREE video here!

History of this magic effect   History and Trivia:

Legendary magician U.F. Grant popularized the concept of the Temple Screen trick, on which this trick is based.

Interested in magic history? Visit our free online Magic Library, full of biographies of famous magicians plus lots of magic history and trivia!

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