Mesh Egg Bag
Make any small item appear from an empty bag, and more!
Ages 7 and up Level 2
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Mesh Egg Bag

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Absolutely STUNNING! Appears from NOWHERE!

A very popular- and VERY EASY trick! And this one has so many uses, too!

The basic routine goes like this: Show the bag to your audience. Place your hand inside the bag- your audience can see your hand through the net, and can see that there is nothing else inside the bag. At your command, a deck of cards (or sponge ball or small stuffed animal- or a handful of candy) INSTANTLY and VISIBLY appears in the bag!

Of course, you can use the Mesh Egg Bag to produce any small item that will fit in it. Plus, you can ALSO use the bag to perform any Egg Bag routine.

Performance Ideas:

Great to use with the Invisible Deck trick! At the start of your Invisible Deck routine, ask your spectator to imagine an invisible deck. Have him imagine to remove a card from that invisible deck, and have him remember that card. Then ask him to toss the imaginary invisible deck to you- and when you catch it in the Mesh Egg Bag, the invisible deck suddenly becomes VISIBLE and REAL! Then you can continue with the rest of your regular Invisible Deck routine. WOW!

What you'll get when you buy this trick   Here's what you'll get:

  • Mesh Egg Bag
  • printed instructions
You supply the item to be produced.



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