Mental Jackpot
Always end up with the cash-even when they do all the choosing!
Ages 13 and up Level 2
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Mental Jackpot

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YOU are in complete control!

Is it a magic trick? Is it a mindreading trick? Is it a con game demonstration? It's ALL THAT!

Four envelopes. One prize. Who will win? Well, that's easy- you're the magician! Of course it will be you!

The idea is simple. You have four envelopes. Three of the envelopes are empty, and one contains the prize. The envelopes are turned over and mixed up, then laid out side by side. Each card is seen to have a different color dot on it.

Your spectator (or spectators) freely choose three of the numbers between one and four, leaving you with the remaining number. Taking out the numbered cards from the case, you hand each of the chosen numbers to the spectators, keeping the one they chose for you.

One by one, the spectators turn their cards over to reveal the colored dot on their card. The dot on their card corresponds to the dot on one of the envelopes. As each color is revealed, the envelope with that color dot is turned over.

Of course, none of the envelopes chosen by the spectators is the correct one. The remaining envelope, the one that was chosen FOR you, is turned over- and the cash is inside!

(And yes- it CAN be done again with a different number left over!)

There are so many ways you can present this great trick! Use it as a serious mindreading effect, use it as a comedy routine, use it as a con artist demonstration. NO SKILL NEEDED! No sleights, no fancy moves. If you can put the cards on the table, you can do the trick!

Performance Ideas   Performance Ideas:

Use this as a great way to give away a prize. YOU don't have to be the winner- you can let someone else be the one who gets the number that's left over. Wonderful routine to make a "star" out of the Guest of Honor at an event!


What you'll get when you buy this trick   Here's what you'll get:

  • Mental Jackpot (4 envelopes, 4 numbered cards, wallet)
  • printed instructions with photo illustrations
You supply the cash prize.

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