Lily Ladybug
Make spots appear and disappear on Lily Ladybug!
Ages 10 and up Level 2
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Lily Ladybug

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A great effect that gets your audience going, and that shows up well for a crowd! It's fun, it's fast, and your spectators are totally involved!

The effect: Introduce Lily Ladybug, a friendly looking and colorful cartoon bug. Ask your audience to count the spots on Lily's back- there are four on the front side, and two on the back. But wait, is that correct? When you show the front again, now there are SIX! And on the back, one of the spots has vanished- there are only THREE! And when you turn Lily to the front again, one of the six spots have vanished, and there are only FIVE!

But the routine isn't over yet. Ask the audience where the other spot might have gone? Ask them to pretend the spot is in their hand, and ask them to throw the pretend spot toward Lily. Oh- but so many children tossed a spot, that Lily now has 20 SPOTS on her back! And the spots turn silver!

Lots of fun with your audience. Great for kids shows- children really love the storyline, and love having the chance to be a part of the show.

Lily Ladybug is quality manufactured in Germany. She is 14 inches high and 10 inches wide, and is flat. Really colorful and easy to see!

You'll get everything you need:
  • Lily Ladybug with moving spots
  • printed instructions
Lily Ladybug is 14" x 10" and is flat.

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