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Jumbo Popping Pips + BONUSES
Make silks vanish, reappear as pips on a card- and pop the pips off!
Ages 13 and up Level 2
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Jumbo Popping Pips + BONUSES

Item Id: 90-1283
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Free Surprise Gift with every order
Order this trick from and you'll get a SILK POKE- FREE!

The manufacturer ships this item with a popping paper envelope to vanish the silks. It's a nice vanisher, but because it's made of paper, it's not that rugged and may wear out on you.

We've got you covered! We'll give you a FREE SILK POKE, so you have another way of making the silks vanish! Plus, you can use the SILK POKE in many other effects!
It's a $5.99 value- FREE! See more about the SILK POKE here.

Do three tricks in one!

And when you buy this trick from us, you'll get a FREE Silk Poke! Nobody but NOBODY ELSE gives you that!

Three silks vanish, the pips on this jumbo card change color, and then the pips pop out and become the three different color silk handkerchiefs!

You can use the card simply as an easy color change production, or you can turn it into a full routine. Here's a suggestion:

Part 1: Start by having your spectator choose a card from your deck. (Of course, you need to have them choose the 3 of Diamonds. We've posted a "How To Force a Card" instructional video below). You can add a bit of comedy by incorrectly naming their card ("Was your card the 7 of Clubs? No? Well, I have 51 more guesses to go!"). Finally, you reach inside your jacket, or under your table, and produce the jumbo 3 of Diamonds card- "Is THIS your card?" (This part of the trick is optional. You can choose to eliminate this part, and just do the next part).

Part 2: Make the three silk handkerchiefs vanish. You have two choices- you can using the paper envelope that comes with this effect, or you can use the Silk Poke we include as a FREE bonus. The paper envelope is good, but flimsy. We are the ONLY shop that gives you a SILK POKE as an additional prop to vanish your silks, one that is much more sturdy and reliable. The demo above shows the routine with the Silk Poke and the demo below shows the routine with the envelope. Use whichever method you'd like- either way- the handkerchiefs are gone!

Part 3: Say to the spectator, "Let's check your eyesight. What color are the pips- the little diamonds- on the card?" He will say "Red". You tap the jumbo card on the table, and suddenly the red pips become red, green and yellow!

Part 4: Then you say, "Well, really, the pips are not there at all." And you push on each of the pips- popping a silk handkerchief out of each of the pips! The handkerchiefs that you vanished earlier have reappeared as the pips in the card!

Really stunning- really surprising! And no skill required!

And you can do even more! Use the three silks in your next effect. Make the silks vanish again or turn them into red, yellow and green sponge balls. See how you can make one magic effect flow right into the next?

The silks used in this effect are heavyweight polysatin. They are vibrantly colored and rugged, made for years of use.

The jumbo card is made of coated and reinforced cardstock. It is about 8.5" by 10".

The popping envelope is made of colorful paper. The popping action is a bit rough on the paper. After a number of uses, you may have to reinforce the folds of the envelope with invisible tape. Of course, you can eliminate the envelope, and use a Change Bag, Popcorn Box or other method to make the silks vanish at the beginning of the effect.

The FREE BONUS Silk Poke is the exact one we sell separately on
Take a look at all the details for the SILK POKE.

Special thanks to our friends, magician and legendary radio personality Lou Dean for helping us demonstrate this effect.


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BOOK- Royal Road To Card Magic
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