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Located outside the U.S.?
Shopping with is easy and safe.

International Checkout is the company we use to securely process and safely ship ALL orders for our international customers.

International Checkout is an award-winning independent company located in California USA whose sole mission is to make it safe and easy for international customers to place orders with U.S. companies, and to make it safe for U.S. companies to accept and process international orders. International Checkout acts as the liason between international customers and U.S. companies to make sure that we get paid and that you get your package. It's a win-win!

Sorry, we DO NOT directly accept payments from international customers. We also DO NOT ship international orders ourselves.
All payments and shipments must go through International Checkout, for our safety and for the safety of our customers. We've been severely burned in the past with fraudulent international credit cards, and if it wasn't for International Checkout, we would not offer international shipping at all. You get your package, we get our payment- it's all good.

There is a fee charged by International Checkout for their service.
In addition to the shipping fee, customs fee, and duties fee, you will be charged a service fee. In return, you will be assured that your credit card information is safe and secure, your package is safely and securely packed, and that your package's paperwork has been properly prepared to avoid getting lost in transit. It's a lot of work on IC's part, but it's worth it for you.
After all, what good is paying less for shipping if you never get your package??


Just click the "International Checkout" button on the shopping cart page when you are ready to check out and pay.
Follow the instructions to fill out your shipping information and credit card information. That's it!

If you are located outside of the U.S., or if you are paying with a non-U.S. credit card, all you have to do is click the "International Checkout" button on your shopping cart page. You will automatically be taken to your order page within the International Checkout system. Just fill in the required information, including your payment information. All of your information is 100% safe and secure. International Checkout will instantly process your payment, and instantly send your paid order on to us.

When we receive the order, we pack it quickly and ship it to the International checkout warehouse in California, where it is prepared for overseas shipment. International Checkout takes care of all of the paperwork (customs forms, etc.).

Your package is shipped by International Checkout from California USA. With their many years of experience, they know how to correctly pack your order, and how to correctly fill out the paperwork so that your package will get to you safely and as quickly as possible.

Complete details can be found on the International Checkout FAQ page.

Problems? Questions?

Before you order: If you have a question about placing an international order, you can contact us and we'll be glad to help you.

Please note- we do not control the service fee for International Checkout. They set their own fee. Yes, it does increase the shipping cost. Unfortunately, we will not process or ship international orders outside of the International Checkout system.

After you order: All inquiries about your order status need to be made directly to International Checkout. At the top of every one of their pages is a link to "Customer Care". Click it, and you can choose from Live Chat, Email or telephone contact.

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