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Learn To Do Magic Like Harry Houdini

These magic tricks were Houdini's favorites.
They are easy to do, they are fun, they are amazing!

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Chain Release Magic Trick

Chain Release
Houdini was most famous for his escapes. Sometimes he used shackles just like these.


Encyclopedia of Rope Tricks Book

Encyclopedia of Rope Tricks Book
Ropes could never hold Houdini- and he used many of the tricks found in this book.


Cups and Balls Magic Trick

Cups and Balls
Houdini's earliest trick. He made little balls appear, reappear and vanish inside small cups. This is actually one of the oldest tricks in magic.


Linking Rings Magic Trick

Linking Rings
The trick Houdini saw as a young boy, the trick that inspired him to become a magician. This is another one of the oldest tricks in magic.


Ball Vase Magic Trick

Ball Vase
A trick Houdini carried in his pocket, especially to amuse his friends. Another classic magic effect, with no skill required.


Egg Bag Magic Trick

Egg Bag
Production of ordinary items, like eggs, was a trick that delighted Houdini. To him, it was pure magic.


Money Maker Magic Trick

Money Maker
Everyone (including Houdini) was fascinated by the idea of a machine that could print cash from paper!


Svengali Deck Magic Trick

Svengali Deck
Houdini billed himself as the "King of Cards". You, too, can perform incredible card effects- with no skill required.


Fortune Telling Fish Magic Trick

Fortune Teller Miracle Fish
Fake spirit mediums made Houdini angry, but these little novelties made him smile.



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