Halographic Card
Make the selected card magically appear on a disc!
Ages 13 and up Level 2
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Halographic Card

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Amazing to see - simple to do!

THIS IS INCREDIBLE! As astounding as it looks, it's EASY TO DO!

Your spectator selects a card from the deck. You show a pair of dark holographic discs. When you magically rub them together, the image of the spectator's selected card appears on the red disc!

Comes complete with detailed printed instructions on the simple moves you need to do to perform this trick, as well as a complete routine for you.

BUT WAIT- there's a BONUS! Buy the Halographic Card from MagicTricks.com and we'll give you a SECRET LINK to a FREE online teaching video that will give you EVEN MORE great ideas you can do with this incredible trick!

What you'll get when you buy this trick Here's what you'll get:

  • Halographic Card trick
  • printed instructions
  • BONUS: FREE online video instruction for more tricks you can do (you'll get the link in the printed instructions)
You supply an ordinary card deck.
You will need to know how to force a card. See the free HOW TO FORCE A CARD video below.


FREE VIDEO: Learn How To Force a Card

Here is a FREE video lesson to teach you an EASY way to force a card, called the Cross Cut Force. Use this force anytime you need to control the selection of a card- it fools them every time!

For the Halographic Card trick, you'll need to "force" a card on your spectator. In other words, you need to make it seem like he has a free choice, but really you are making him take the card that you need him to take. There are many ways to force a card, including the Cross Cut Force. We also carry several books and DVDs to teach you the different methods.

You may also need:

DVD- 40 Ways To Secretly Force a Card
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