Glass Card Deck+ BONUSES
Signed card to the top of the deck which becomes a solid block! BONUSES!
Ages 13 and up Level 3
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Glass Card Deck+ BONUSES

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Clearly impossible! Or is it??

Your spectator's signed card jumps from the middle to the top of the deck! And then the ENTIRE deck of cards instantly changes into a solid block of clear plastic!

This is one of the most STUNNING, absolutely AMAZING tricks ever! It's really different, really startling and totally unforgettable!

But it has one drawback- the instructions that come with the trick. In our opinion, they are not complete. Never fear- we've got your back! With our extra bonuses, this is a GUARANTEED SHOWSTOPPER of a card trick!

YOU'LL GET TWO BONUSES only we will give you!

BONUS #1: 52 On One Card
You'll get the novelty playing card with all 52 cards printed on it, a $1.99 value by itself! This will help you make the trick into a full routine!

BONUS #2: Video instructions and extra tips
You'll get the password for the video that will teach you Monticup's personal routine for this trick, plus he'll share some valuable tips that you won't get anywhere else!

Here's what you'll get:

  • Glass Card Deck block
  • printed instructions for the trick
  • BONUS- 52 On One card
  • BONUS- video teaching you Monticup's own routine for the trick

You supply an ordinary deck of cards.

Get a free bonus when you buy this trick
When you buy GLASS CARD DECK from us, You'll get a 52 ON ONE CARD - FREE! Yes, we'll throw in a 52 On On Card so you'll be able to perform this great trick as soon as you get it- nothing extra to buy! No one else includes this card except!
When you buy GLASS CARD DECK from us, you'll also get a free SECRET INSTRUCTION VIDEO with Monticup's own personal routine for the Glass Card Deck!

Only a basic routine is explained in the printed instructions that come with the GLASS CARD DECK, so we made a great short video that gives you the INSIDER INFORMATION you need to get MORE out of your new trick. Watch and learn Monticup's own tips and routine with the Glass Card Deck! You'll also see exactly how to handle the trick and plus some secret tips no one else will tell you. You won't get THAT anywhere else!

After you purchase the trick, you'll get a password EMAILED TO YOU.
Just click the VIDEO BOX to the left and enter your password when asked.

You can watch the video from this page anytime.
If you forgot your password, just contact us.


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