Gift Certificate
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Gift Certificate

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Gift Certificate Amount
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Free Surprise Gift with every order

Available in $25, $50, $75 and $100 amounts!

A Gift Certificate is the PERFECT present!
What magician wouldn't enjoy the fun of choosing the exact magic items he wants?
It's like giving two gifts in one!
You know that your gift will be EXACTLY right!

About Gift Certificates:

  • Gift certificates can be used toward the entire total of your order, including tax and shipping.
  • Your balance carries over. If you do not use the entire amount of your gift certificate on a single order, our system remembers how much is left on your certificate. When you shop with us again, simply use the same certificate number, and the remaining balance will be applied to that order.
  • Gift certificates never expire. They are good until the balance has been spent.
  • Sorry- gift certificates cannot be used to purchase another gift certificate. :-)

How To Purchase a Gift Certificate - IT'S EASY!

  • Choose the value of the certificate
  • Choose whether you want the certificate MAILED or EMAILED
  • Give us your recipients' MAILING address or EMAIL address
  • Tell us the message you'd like printed on the Gift Certificate

That's it! Your recipient will receive a certificate from with their special code.

To purchase more than one Gift Certificate in your order, please add each to the cart one by one.
That's because for each certificate, we need the email or mailing address of the person you are sending it to, plus the message you want us to include.
If you want to combine certificates, say for example you wanted to give someone a $150.00 certificate, just add a $100 certificate to your cart, then add a $50 certificate to your cart.
We will combine them for you into one certificate.
Just like magic!

How To Spend a Gift Certificate - IT'S REALLY EASY!

  • Each certificate has a number (example: GC0123451234)
  • Each certificate has a value (example: $50)
  • On your Shopping Cart page, there is a box under the items in your cart that says "Gift Certificate # or Coupon Code".
  • Enter your certificate number in that box.
    Coupon Code Box on Shopping Cart Page
  • Your gift certificate will be applied to your cart.
    The total amount due for Checkout will be adjusted automatically for you.

If you or your gift certificate recipient has any questions, you can simply call us at 540-832-0900 for personalized help!

Here's what you'll get:

  • a Gift Certificate in the amount you choose

Select MAIL or EMAIL option
We can either EMAIL the certificate to your recipient, or we can send a paper copy of the certificate by U.S. mail.
If we EMAIL the certificate, we will email a copy to you as well.
Remember to give us the email address or mailing address of the person you are buying the certificate for!

Include a personal message
We can write "Happy Birthday" or whatever message you'd like on the certificate.


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