Using a poker chip, correctly predict which card your spectator will choose!
Ages 13 and up Level 2
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Fast, simple to do, and - stunning! Best of all, this one comes with the instructions on DVD, so you can see exactly how the trick is done!

Here's how it goes: Place five playing cards face down on a table. Let your spectator mix them up- they are fairly and truly shuffled around. Give your spectator a poker chip and ask him to freely choose one of the cards by placing the chip on top of it. You then announce that the back of the poker chip has a sticker on it, with the name of a playing card. That sticker is your prediction of which card the spectator has selected. The poker chip is turned over to reveal the name of the predicted card. Then the card is turned over- and it does indeed match the prediction on the poker chip!

You'll get everything you need:

  • Gambit cards and chip
  • instructions on DVD

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