False Fingertip Set
Make silks and other small objects appear or disappear in your hand!
Ages 13 and up Level 3
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False Fingertip Set

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Deceptive digits!

This is an excellent way to make silks, etc. appear or disappear in your bare hand!

The false fingers are shaped to fit BETWEEN two of your fingers. The load goes inside the finger, and when you are ready, you can simply swipe your empty hand over the loaded hand, secretly removing the loaded finger and holding it in your palm with your hand formed into a fist. Just reach inside your fist, and pull the loaded item out of the hidden finger!
Or use the tips OVER your fingers, the same way you would use a regular thumb tip. Of course this works best with the straight tips, but go ahead and use one or several in your routine!

Amazing productions and vanishes are possible with these perfect copies of human fingers! Produce silk ribbons under impossible conditions, vanish a roll of dollar bills, etc. You'll find hundreds of uses for this set of five finger tip gimmicks. And they are made by Vernet- the finest name in magical thumb and finger tips.

The set includes two naturally curved hollow fingers, a finger tip, a pinky fingertip, and a thumbtip.

What you'll get when you buy this trick   Here's what you'll get:

  • two curved fingers
  • one fingertip
  • one pinky fingertip
  • one thumb tip
  • printed instructions
You supply the item you want to put inside.


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