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DVD Set- Toolbox

Let an expert teach you more than 170 card moves!
Ages 13 and up Level 2
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DVD Set- Toolbox

Item Id: 90-0463
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Learn all the card moves you'll EVER need!

An incredible DVD collection of more than 170 card moves, sleights and manipulations taught by Simon Lovell, one of the most accomplished card magicians performing today.

With this 6-DVD set, you'll learn almost every card move out there, from the most basic to the more advanced. If you are looking to learn a move you've seen mentioned in a book or in the instructions for a trick, you'll find the move explained here. You'll refer to these DVDs over and over!


What you'll get when you buy this trick   Here's what you'll get:

  • Toolbox DVD set
You supply ordinary playing cards.



Key Card Control
Vernon Key Card Subtlety
Fan Return Using Keys
Moving Key Card Behind Back
Double Under Cut
Slo-Mo Pass
Riffle Pass
Tan Hok Wan Pass
Spread Pass
Randy's Spread Pass
Dribble Pass
Poor Man's Hop
Kelly Ovette Master Move
Simon's Reverse Kelly
Side Steal
Over Reach Side Steal
Scotty York Side Steal
Simon's Sideway Steal
Corner Crimp
Bridge Work
Concave Breather
Diagonal Palm Shift
Push Thru Diagonal Palm Shift
Simon's Multiple Card Control
Multiple Cut Control (Elias)
Vernon Multiple Card Control
LTP Steal
Double Lifts
Turn Over Lift
Strike Double
Dingles Double
Lift and Show Double
Subtle Lay Down
Corner Hold Double
Flip Double
Angle of the Dangle
Card Under Glass
Spin Double

Push Off Second
Stud Second
One Handed Deal Second
One Handed Stud Second
Push Out Bottom
Stud Bottom
One Handed Bottom
Bluff Center
Side Strike Second
Top Strike Second
Marlo Automatic Second
Sydney The Hamster

False Shuffles
Overhand Top Card Control
Jog Shuffle
Bottom Stock Control
Top Stock Control
3-Stock Overhand
Top Stock Riffle
Bottom Stock Riffle
Top and Bottom Stock Riffle
Push Through Riffle Shuffle
Zarrow Shuffle
In Hands Riffle Shuffle
Faro Shuffle
Wedge Shuffle
Pop Over Riffle

Cross Cut Force
10-20 Force
Christ Cut Deeper Force
Fan Force
Table Fan Force
Riffle Force
Dribble Force
World's Easiest Force
Magicians Choice Force
Vernonesque 3-way
Using the Hindu Shuffle
Wesley James Hindu Force
Trevor Lewis Simple Force
One-Hand Bottom Force

Flourish Stuff
Pressure Fan
Giant Fan
Springing the Cards
Elevator Spread
Card Sticking Out Joke
Double Waterfall
Riffle Shuffle Waterfall
Spin From Back of Deck
Spinning Cards fr Hand to Hand

Slip Cut & Variations
Greek Cut
Thompson Cut
Back Cut
Leave it Cut
Triple Table Cut
Bluff Cut
Table Hop
Charlier Cut
Front Cut
Front Cut From The Middle
Front Cut Fr Middle with Twist
Four Way Cut
Simey Cut

Color Changes
Top Change
Erdnase/Houdini Change
Simon's Backward Balthazer
De Sousa/Munez Change
3-way Spin Change
Simon's Double Lift Change
Dan Garrets Change
Marlo Table Change

Assorted Moves
Simon's Multiple in Hands Top Change
Simon's Table Top Change
Braue Reversal
Piet Forton Pop Out
Drop Turn Over
Slap Turn Over
Biddle Move
Wesley's On the Up Move
Marlo's Tilt
Add On
Deep Face Up Switch
Tent Vanish
Face Up Tent Vanish
Professional Touch to Glide
Culling A Single Card
Culling Multiple Cards
Rub Away Vanish
Simon's Rub Away Change
Glimpse Turn Over
Double Peek Control

False Counts and Spreads
Buckle Count
Buckle Spread
Buckle From a Packet
Elmsley Count
Siva Sount
5 of More as Four Elmsley
Jordon Displacement
Flushtration Count
Gemini Count
Ascanio Spread
5 as 4 Between Hands
Marlo Pull Down Move
Hamman Count

Gambling Moves

Overhand Stack For One Card
Overhand Stack for Two Cards
Riffle Stacking
Muck Move For One Card
Mucking Two Cards
Stealing Cards From A Hand
Palming Magician Style
Flat Palm
Gambler's Cop
Bottom Palming Erdnase
Bottom Palming Jennings
One Hand Palm
Pegging With The Nail
Pick Up Stack
Bubble Peek
Shuffle Peek
Back Peek
Blackjack Peek
Four Flushing
The Brush
Drop Switch
Hand to Hand Switch
Poker Switch

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