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Dollar Snatcher

SNAP! Snatch that dollar away before they can grab it!
Ages 10 and up Level 1
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Dollar Snatcher

Item Id: 90-1005
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SNAP! The classic joke to play on an unsuspecting "victim"!

They see a dollar bill lying on the ground, and just when they bend to pick it up- WHAP!- the dollar bill flies away, right into your hand!

And it is so simple to use! The dollar bill is secretly taped to the end of a piece of clear monofilament line. You hold the Dollar Snatcher reel in your hand, and you just press the button when you want the reel to pull the dollar bill to you.

This can be played as a practical joke in secret, or you can just use it out in the open, because it's so ridiculous! It will get plenty of laughs for you either way!

Pretend to give a tip to a server- WHAP- you take it back! Hand money to a cashier, and reel the top bill back to you! How about using it at a sales meeting- the good salespeople get to keep the reward, the bad ones get it snatched away! Or even use it to amuse the kids!

And you can use any other lightweight item! Snatch away your business card, an invoice or bill, a cigarette, a secret note- use your imagination!

We looked long and hard to find reels that would stand up to lots of repeated use. These seem to fit the bill! Please be aware, however, that if someone really YANKS on the line, the reel will break. Also, the monofilament is not meant to be COMPLETELY invisible- this is more of a novelty comedy item than a true magical mystery. If you use it for its comedy potential, you will be more than pleased!

What you'll get when you buy this trick   Here's what you'll get:

  • Dollar Snatcher reel
  • printed instructions
You supply the dollar to be snatched away.

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Customer Reviews
Rating crazy
this is very funny. i played this joke on my dad and my brother and my dog.
  Did you find this helpful?  
Reviewed by:  from Detroit. - 12/14/2012
Rating Funnier Than I Thought
I expected this to be a silly toy, but it's actually quite a good practical joke. The thread is not very strong, but if you use it for a dollar bill it works great.
  Did you find this helpful?  
Reviewed by:  from USA. - 11/4/2012
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