Dagger Head Chest
Push 14 swords through the box and make your helper's head vanish!
Age Adults Level 2
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Dagger Head Chest

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Shocking! And surprisingly simple to perform!

Here is an unusual twist to a classic magic effect! A big and flashy illusion! So startling, your audience will remember this for years to come!

Place your assistant's head into this colorful flame decorated wood chest. The audience is able to see her (or his) face. Close the front and back panels, and start the incredible illusion! Push a gleaming metal sword straight through the box! How can you do this without harming your assistant?? But you continue to push swords in every direction through the box- 14 swords in all!

And YES! These are solid swords- no folding up into the handle, no bending. They are REALLY going straight into the box!

But wait- that's not all! Open the front panel, and the audience can see all of the swords crisscrossed inside the box- but your assistant's head has disappeared!! Obviously she is unharmed- she can move her hands and feet- but she has no head! Close the front panel, remove all of the swords, then open the panel again- and reveal your assistant's smiling face!

This is a wonderful small illusion that will get a BIG reaction! So easy to do, it practically works itself. Portable, lightweight, easy to transport, this illusion can be the highlight of your show!

The cabinet measures 12" x 16" x 10.5" and is made of painted wood. The daggers are made of metal.

For use by responsible adults only, please. We strongly recommend that you use your own assistant rather than a volunteer from the audience, and that you rehearse this trick with her.

Performance Ideas:

This impressive-looking prop can be played a number of ways. It's scary enough to be played for shock value, but colorful enough to be presented as a wonderous optical illusion.

Use this prop when taking your publicity photos. A picture is worth a thousand words!

For a different twist, use this for an "Assistant's Revenge" routine. Let your assistant put YOUR head in the box. You can play such a routine for suspense and drama, or for comedy effect.

Here's what you'll get:

  • Dagger Head Chest
  • fourteen (14) metal daggers with wood handles
  • printed instructions

And that's all you need!


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