Counterfeit Money Detector Machine Bank
Test the realness of their money- by shredding it!
Ages 7 and up Level 1
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Counterfeit Money Detector Machine Bank

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Surprising, shocking and FUNNY!

It's a magic trick! It's a savings bank! It's hilarious!

And please note- buy this one from because we adjust each and every machine to fix the little manufacturing "glitch" that may cause problems down the road. Buy it elsewhere and you may get a machine that breaks after a few uses. We invest the extra cost to make sure our customers are happy!

Borrow a bill of any denomination from your spectator. Explain that you are going to test the bill to make sure it is not counterfeit, using your special Counterfeit Detector Machine. Tell him that if the front window of the machine lights up GREEN, the bill is fine, but if it lights up RED, it's a counterfeit bill. As you insert the bill into the detector, the spectator is carefully watching the window and sees....Oh no!! The machine is shredding his bill! The money is VISIBLY being cut to ribbons! It's visual, it's noisy- it's surprising and funny!

Of course, it's all an illusion. You can return the bill to them in one piece, or you can go on to another trick, and later make the bill appear using another effect.

But it's more than just a novelty magic trick! You can also use this clever machine as a savings bank! What fun your child (OR YOU!) will have saving money as you deposit and "shred" each bill that you save. And when you are ready to make a "withdrawal", simply remove the back of the bank and take the money out.

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What you'll get when you buy this trick   Here's what you'll get:

  • Counterfeit Money Detector Bank
  • printed instructions
You supply the ordinary bill.
The bill inside the machine matches U.S. currency.


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