Color Divination Rods
Reveal the color of a secretly hidden rod- different method!
Ages 13 and up Level 2
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Color Divination Rods

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Clever and DIFFERENT method!

A terrific and clever version of the popular Mentalism Rods effect, this version uses a different method than other similar effects on the market!

The effect is simple to do, but will really fool them! You show five different colored rods and a small metal tube with a lid. Secretly, your spectator selects one of the colored rods and places it in the tube. He places the lid on the tube, and hides the remaining rods in his pocket. Even though you haven't seen a thing, you can instantly tell which color rod was selected and placed in the tube!

The method is easy, and will fool most magicians because it is NOT the method they know!

The colors of these rods are really unique, too. Made of anodized aluminum, the jeweltone colors on these rods really stand out.

Performance Ideas:

You could make a knockout routine out of using TWO DIFFERENT mentalism rods effects, one after the other, if they work differently. Often, when you do a great trick like this, your spectator will ask you to "do it again". Since the second time, the spectator is aware of what to look for, you could be in danger of revealing the trick. But not if the second trick works differently! For example, you could first use Alchemy Vision or Psychic Color Sticks, then "repeat" the effect, but this time using the Color Divination Rods. This will REALLY stump those who think they had the first effect figured out!

Here's what you'll get:

  • Color Divination set (five aluminum rods and a metal tube)
  • printed instructions

And that's all you need!


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BOOK- Self Working Mental Tricks


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