Instantly know which identical container contains the money!
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Use this little known secret method!

A wonderful new twist on mindreading! Everyone loves tricks with money, and this one will baffle them for sure! Even if they think they know how this is done- they don't!

Open the bag to show your spectator the five identical little containers inside. Yes, they truly are identical! Ask him to reach into the bag and remove one of the containers. Let him examine it and open it up. It's empty.

But not for long! Hand him a dollar bill (or a $100 bill if you want to make the show look bigger!) and have him fold it up and place it into the container. Next, have him drop the container back into the bag and shake it up, totally mixing up the five containers so that it would be impossible to tell which container holds the money.

Well, not totally impossible, because that's EXACTLY what you do! You reach into the bag and pull out one of the containers. Let your spectator open it- there is the bill inside! Let him empty the bag and open all of the other four containers- they are empty! You were able to correctly and immediatly find the jar with the cash!

And you can do this one right away! No skill, no switches, no fancy moves at all. It's easy, instant and totally astounding!

What you'll get when you buy this trick Here's what you'll get:

  • Clairvoyance (five containers with lids, plus a cloth bag)
  • printed instructions
You supply the bill or other paper to be secretly placed into a container.


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