Circus Cartoon Silks
Turn your audience members into comical circus characters!
Ages 13 and up Level 1
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Circus Cartoon Silks

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Make everyone laugh their heads off- even your volunteers!

This set of cartoon silks means loads of fun! Not only does it come complete with a FULL routine, there are so many other ways you can use these silks!

Comedy magic legend Karrell Fox made these silks popular back in the 1960s. He called them "Korn Silks", playing off on the phrase "corn silk" and the fact that the humor is "corny". The original manufacturer stopped making them decades ago, but they are FINALLY available again! With an updated look, and a fresh routine, these silks will make it easy to put a full comedy routine into your show!

The basic idea is that you invite several audience members onstage, and then one by one, you turn them into different circus characters. Of course, you can make this routine hilarious if you choose the right people to play the Monkey or the Ballerina! One suggestion is to call up three children and one man, and of course, the man is asked to play the part of the Ballerina. There is a whole routine included in the instructions using this idea.

Special thanks to our friend, magician and legendary radio personality Lou Dean, for helping us demonstrate this effect.

Performance Ideas:

If you do the Head Chest or a Guillotine routine, you can first produce the strongman silk, and then look surprised when you notice that it does not have a head. Display the silk so everyone, including your volunteer, can clearly see it. Then say to the volunteer, "Hmm... I wonder where his head went? Well, no matter. Are YOU feeling lucky?"

Here's what you'll get:

  • Monkey silk (36 inches)
  • Clown silk (36 inches)
  • Strongman silk (36 inches)
  • Ballerina silk (36 inches)
  • printed instructions with a FULL routine

You supply the method to produce the silks, if desired.
Suggested: use a Change Bag or the Popcorn Dye Box.


Bottom Zipper Change Bag + BONUS
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Change Bag- One Handed with Booklet
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Magic Popcorn Box
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