Cigarette Thru Card
Pass a real cigarette through a playing card!
Age Adults Level 2
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Cigarette Thru Card

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Deception taken to new heights!

You take an ordinary borrowed cigarette and push it straight through the middle of a Bicycle brand card. The card and the cigarette are shown unharmed. Astounding!

This is a single gimmicked card only- use alone or with any regular Bicycle deck.

This is an easy trick, but because it involves using a cigarette, we recommend this trick (if a cigarette is used) for adults only. However, it can also be performed with a drinking straw, a rolled up dollar bill, or any other rod that fits, and would therefore be appropriate for Ages 13 to 17 as well.

Performance Ideas:

The instructions for this trick include several routines and variations.
You could start the trick by taking the gimmicked card out of an ordinary deck (your spectators are unaware that the gimmicked card is any different than any other card, of course).

Here's what you'll get:

  • one gimmicked Poker size Bicycle Back playing card
  • printed instructions with several different ideas for presentation

You supply an ordinary cigarette.
You supply a Poker size regular Bicycle deck (optional) if you want to start the trick by removing the gimmicked card from a regular deck.


Customer Reviews
5 Stars
ITs awesome
It is the best. Use it with a pen. People think that it''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''s the pen that''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''s gimmicked but its not
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Reviewed by:  from MD. on 8/13/2015
4 Stars
sounds interesting
I haven''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''t tried this trick but I''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''m very much interested. Not very many people smoke anymore so it is rare to find a trick that works with cigarettes.
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Reviewed by:  from KS. on 4/15/2015
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